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July, 2014

My name is KENNETH A. ROBERTS.  I am an attorney in Orange County California.
I was retained by SPOTLIGHT RESORTS, INC., to investigate an Internet web site known as "Rip-off Report," that had posted a derogatory report on "Spot Light Resorts" on April 1, 2014 from an alleged customer of Spotlight Reports named Lisa, from Chicago Illinois.  The reports indicated that Lisa and her husband had contracted with Spotlight Resorts eight months prior to the report.  On first contact with Spotlight resorts, Lisa spoke with an employee named Erica.   This first contact would have to have been in October of 2013.There is an employee named Erica, but her employment begin in January of 2014.  On inquiring of Erica, she informed me she has never spoken with any customer named Lisa from Chicago at any time.

The Rip-off report stated that Lisa had paid Spotlight Resorts $500.00  upfront.  On inspection of the records of Spotlight Resorts, I could not find any entries for the sum of $500.00 from any customer named Lisa or anyone else for that amount.  In fact all the charges are in sums of odd amounts such as $396.00

The Rip-off report also reveled that Lisa had spoken with "Steve Hill" an employee of Spotlight Resorts.  Steve Hill  indicates he has never spoken with anyone named Lisa from Chicago and Never charges $500.00 upfront to open an account with anyone.

Further investigation revealed that another employee who had only been employed from March 17, 2014 to March 28, 2014, had been terminated just prior to the report posted on  "Rip-off  Reports"   This employee had full knowledge of the company information that was given to new customers and this information appears on the "Rip-off Report" in a manner only an employee would know..  He did not know Erica was also a new employee, hired just two months prior to his employment.

Based on the details of the Rip-off Report by the alleged customer named Lisa from Chicago, it is my opinion based on all the information acquired above that the disgruntled employee filed this false report and not the alleged Lisa from Chicago.

I would like to hear from anyone named Lisa from Chicago who would verify the information as correct with proof of payment to Spotlight Resorts and a contract with them to verify the alleged report.  Otherwise this Rip-off Report is false and highly defamatory.

I can be reached at (714) 432-6480 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.., PST