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Region: USA: Southeast
Location: Palm Beach, FL
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath | 2
$10,000  (Negotiable) SALE
$2,000/WEEK  (Negotiable) RENTAL

Located on Florida’s exclusive Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores Resort & Vacation Villas provides the ultimate vacationer’s paradise. A favorite destination...

Region: USA: Rocky Mountain
Location: Las Vegas, NV
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath (LockOut) | Floating
$52,000  (Negotiable) SALE
$3,150/WEEK  (Negotiable) RENTAL

Amid the neon-lit hustle and bustle of The Strip, Sapphire Resorts at Jockey Club is an oasis of comfort and convenience. Beat the heat at the outdoor pool, get up a tennis...

Region: Multi Destination
Location: Multi Destination
Points | Floating
$15,500  (Negotiable) SALE
$2,065/WEEK  (Negotiable) RENTAL

Points enable you to vacation when, where and how you want. Gone are the days when timeshare owners returned to the same place during the same season every year. (Unless, o...

Records 4 to 6 of 7